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Le Pèlerin (first cartoons 1950 & 1953-79)
Le Rire (1952-70)
Fou Rire (1952-73)
Ici Paris (1952-94)
Samedi Soir, Intimité, Nous Deux, Ciné-Miroir, Boléro (1953)
La Casserole, La Canebière (1953-56)
France Dimanche, Marius, Le Hérisson (1953-60)
La Presse (1953-58)
Optimiste, Le Parisien Libéré, L’Équipe (1954)
Semaine du Monde (1954-55)
Radar (1954-58)
Lecture pour Tous (1954-58 & 1973)
Gai magazine (1954-60)
Paris-Variété, Paradis, L’Eclaireur, Témoignage Chrétien, Jean-Pierre (1955)

Bayard (1955-62)
France Football (1956-61)
Le Temps du Paris, Le Bled, Détective (1956)
La Canebière Humour Magazine (1956-77)
La Nouvelle République, Sport et Vie (1957)
Paris Flirt (1957-59)
Almanach Vermot (1957-70)
Le Journal du Dimanche, La Vie Parisienne (1958)
Blagues, Franc Rire (1958-81)
Aux Ecoutes, France-Soir, Midi-Libre (1959)
Coeurs Vaillants (1958-59)
Pilote (1959-60)

Comic’s Magazine (1960)
Rallye Jeunesse (1960-61)
V Magazine, Le Nouveau Candide, Télérama, La Prévention Routière (1961)
Paris Jour (1961-68)
La Vie Catholique (1961-74)
Hurrah (1961-62)
Week-End (1963)
Record (1963-65)
Paul et Mic (1964-65)
LUI (1964-89) View cartoons

Sud-Ouest, Pariscope (1965)
Le Monde et la Vie (1966)
Eclats de Rire (1966-85)
Jours de France, Le Crapouillot (1966-71)
Noir et Blanc (1967-71)
Le Progrès (1968)
Vive l’Humour (1969)
Mon Film, Paris Blagues (1970)
Ridendo (1971-77)
Oui (1972-87)
L’Espoir Hebdo (1973)
Paris Match (1976)
PLAYBOY (1977-96) View cartoons

Almanach du Pèlerin (1977)
Cent Blagues (1971-90)
Big Blagues (1986)
Panther (1990)
Mayfair (England)
Rapport (Denmark)
Verlagsunion « Pabel Moewig » (Germany)
Editions Piero, Visu Magazine (St Denis de la Réunion)

+ Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, United States, Japan ...


" Lassalvy, c’est la vie ! " : Published by La Bande Annonce Editions (2011). Compilation of 128 hilarious black and white cartoons.
Item currently available in our bookstore.



" LUI " : French cult magazine of eroticism created in November 1963, Lassalvy published his first cartoon in the issue 6 of May 1964. He will collaborate with the magazine until 1989, and publish nearly 250 cartoons. We can also note the publication of numerous illustrations by Lassalvy in the Italian and German editions.

" Les meilleurs dessins de LUI ": Collective of 113 pages edited in 1966 by Denoël. 11 cartoons by Lassalvy + Bosc, Siné, Trez, Le Saux, Clivanel, Tomi ungerer, Lauzier, Jicka, Vic Martin, Aslan (4 pin-ups), Hoviv, Pat mallet, Dennis, B. Wiseman, Nitka, Wolinski ...

" PLAYBOY " : From 1977 to 1996, Lassalvy’s cartoons were published in Playboy magazine in Germany, Italy and France.

" OUI " : In 1972, Playboy Enterprises purchased the rights for a U.S edition of the french magazine LUI, changing the name to OUI. Published in the United States in an attempt to challenge Penthouse, OUI is a men’s adult magazine with explicit nude photographs, full page pin-ups, and cartoons. Lassalvy worked for this magazine in the 70’s and 80’s.

" Status Humor " : Published in Brazil by Editora Três, this popular humor magazine from the 70’s put together some of the best French and international cartoonists of this period. Status humor is the monthly supplement of the Brazilian men’s magazine Status, launched in August 1974 by Domingo Alzugaray to compete with Playboy. A collector’s item.

" Crtani Humor " : Still today, Lassalvy’s cartoons remain very popular in Eastern Europe. Especially in Croatia and Serbia where this review edited by Jezev was published in the 80s. We can also note, from the same editor, the publication of another small-sized magazine devoted to drawing humor, called Seksi Humor.

" Best cartoons from abroad " : 300 cartoons collected by Lawrence Lariar and Ben Roth. Edited in the US by Crown Publishing. Each volume gathers every year the best cartoonists of the most renowned international publications. Lassalvy can be found in the 1955 and 1957 editions.

" Touché ": Collective released in 1961 in New York by Dell Publishing with cartoons by : Bellus, Bosc, Douay, Making, Gad, Gus, Hallart, Henry, Hervé, Laplace, Lassalvy, Lauzier, Michel, Moallic, Mose, Pioneer , Ru, Sempé, Sim, Tetsu and Trez.

" You damn men are all alike ": Collective of 128 pages edited by Cole and William Douglas McKee at Fawcett Publications in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, in 1962. Cartoons by : Aldebert, Bellus, Bosc, Carbi, Douay, Faizant, Gad, Gus, Henry, Hervé, Laplace, Lassalvy (back cover), Mose, Pichard, Sempé, Sim, Tetsu, Trez, Uber ...

" Permis de sourire " : Released in 1985 by Le Cherche Midi Editions. 131 cartoons by the following humorists : Aldebert, Barbe, Bellus, Bosc, Chaval, Dubout, Faizant, Folon, Frapar, Gad, Gane, Gulliver, Harvec, Henry, Hoviv, Jicka, Kerleroux, Laplace, Lassalvy, Lavergne, Laville, Masse, Morez, Mose, Pat Mallet, Petty, Peynet, Piem, Pouzet, Quino, Rick Cursat, Rolandaël, Roger Sam, Sempé, Serre, Torsten, Tellmann, Tetsu, Thomas and Trez. A must !

" Dico Solo " : Monumental work by François Solot, caricaturist and author of comics, and Catherine Saint-Martin. Edited by AEDIS in 2004. Reference dictionary listing all French cartoonists for two centuries, with their biography and many illustrations. From Daumier to the year 2000, via Lassalvy, they are all here ! A mine of knowledge to know everything about press cartooning in France.

" Le Rire " : From 1894 to 1908, this French humoristic weekly offers each Saturday to its readers a satirical vision of the bourgeois society of the " Belle Époque ", denouncing the universal vulgarity and the fake-asses. Toulouse-Lautrec, Caran d’Ache, Rabier, Willette, Léandre and many others will then pass the pencil to Chaval, Peynet, Brenot, Bosc, Sempé, Dubout, Sine, Pichard, Caillé ... Between 1952 and 1970, Lassalvy will appear regularly in this journal which publication ended in 1971. Below, a cover of Le Rire illustrated by Lassalvy in 1969.

" L’Équipe "/ " France Football " : Robert Lassalvy collaborated with the journal L’Équipe in 1954. His cartoons were published in the first version of L’Équipe magazine, in which a double page entitled “Pas sérieux, bien sûr ... nos humoristes " rested on the shoulders of a platoon of comic-sportsmen of high flight - dixit Serge Laget – Many caricaturists will sow humor and cheerfulness in abundance. Lassalvy will then collaborate with the newspaper France Football from 1956 to 1961.

" Jours de France ": In 1966, Marcel Dassault, French aviation industry tycoon and press executive, notices Lassalvy’s cartoons in Ici Paris, and asks him to work for Jours de France of which he is the owner. Lassalvy will collaborate with this publication of the French women’s press until 1971.

" Paris Match ": French weekly magazine of news created in 1949, mixing show business, politics, great reports and sensational photos. Lassalvy worked for this legendary review of the French press during the year 1976.

" Ici Paris ": After Le Pèlerin, then Le Rire, Ici Paris was one of the first newspapers to publish Lassalvy’s drawings in the early 50’s. The love story between the newspaper and the cartoonist will last more than 40 years.


Below : Soccer team of young cartoonists
Standing from left to right : Cavanna (a.k.a Sepia), Stov, Jac Faure, Sim, Lassalvy, Fortuné, Fred and Charney.
Front row : Sempé, Rous, Rol
Photo : 1952


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